Rose on Robe

26 January

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Since the start of a new year, I've been setting small, measurable goals every week. While managing my own blog and social media content, I'm also helping a denim brand refocus their vision.

Having been my second week at my new job, I am already handling most of the marketing and promotions on the team. I enjoy carrying more responsibilities especially in areas that I'm good at! While I love learning new skills, I get way more excited about activities that I'm already familiar with and have plenty of ideas for. We have our seasonal lookbook shoots this week and next week. I'll be in charge of styling the shoot as well as the model's hair and makeup. This is a huge opportunity and one of the perks of working in a smaller brand. Not to mention, I also plan exclusive influencer events and represent public relations for the company.
Aside from work, I'm over-the-top excited to share this olive two-piece set and satin robe! Oh yes, you heard me right. I am now obsessed with wearing a robe outdoors! Just kidding, I haven't gotten that lazy yet. But I have been excited about this satin striped piece especially how it comes with a rose embroidery at the back. Going for a retro vibe with extra robe flow, I love wearing my red velvet booties to compliment the blue and olive green colors. I can't remember when this army-inspired green became so popular. I'm seeing this shade fade away this year and more so the blush and deeper reds are coming through. What colors do you see trending?

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