Knits n Satin

29 January

Palm Springs, CA, USA
January is coming to an end, but I'm still letting the new year sink in. Who else is needing another vacay? I am desperately looking for reasons to get out of my constant work, sleep and repeat. Next month I'll be heading back to the bay to catch my sister's baby shower. Out of the many occasion I've been there, this is definitely the most anticipated. Nothing excites me more than seeing another Lam girl born into the world! Plus, I'm going to be an auntie for the first time.

We stumbled upon a small desert surrounded by rocks. The sun was almost setting and we jumped on the perfect moment to shoot. I wore my choker dress made from a shimmering satin and decided to dress it down with a knit sweater and a pair of casual sneakers.

I absolutely love mixing two different fabrics in an outfit. I'm all about adding contrast texture to make your look more interesting, even with the same colors. For example, green on green: a suede top combined with a pair of denim would deliver better than a fleece top and bottom. Another combo I love is denim and leather. Wear a leather skirt, cotton tee and throw over a denim jacket. Bingo. Super rad. What are your favorite outfit combos?

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