24 January

Palm Springs, CA, USA
I love a cozy winter look that mixes faux fur and velvet for formal occasions. Crafted with a soft plushy fabric, this long-sleeve midi dress features a mock neck and a thigh-grazing front slit. It easily slips on with no zipper closure and creates an elegant silhouette. To match the pretty blush tone, I pull the look together with a shaggy vest and a pair of velvet perspex boots.
Speaking of special occasions, Oscar nominations are in! Well, almost. ABC is announcing the nominees tomorrow morning around 8AM Pacific Time. With the controversy of casting and awarding mainly white actors, the public blew up last year and started the trending hashtag #OscarSoWhite. Do you think things will be different this year? Regardless of the nominations, I hope that more minority actors, especially Asians, can take on more main roles and escape being typecast.

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