Palm Springs

19 January

Palm Springs, CA, USA
My birthday trip to Palm Springs was easily the best days of 2016. My boyfriend booked this gorgeous spot near downtown. Little did I know it used to be Mary Martin's estate. Not only did I get to experience the beautiful surrounding and relaxing atmosphere, I also learned some history about the neighborhood.

Coming in December was actually perfect. We had some rain during the weekend but it was still nice enough to hang out in the hot tub or bare a light jacket. I was beyond excited about my birthday dress! This floral maxi with flattering cutouts and front slits was the perfect choice. I was skeptical of the material at first but when the dress arrived, I was delighted to find how vibrant the colors were and how well it fit. Unfortunately, we did have to get safety pins to pin the front slits since they opened way higher than I thought, showing the lining! Otherwise, it was a beautiful dress and it made me feel like a glowing ball of happiness.

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