03 January

Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I used to never appreciate the clean atmosphere and hydrating climate when I lived in Seattle. I was depressed from the gloomy weather and misty rain 9 months out of the year. I hardly ever utilized nature as a backdrop for any of my shoots. I often craved the rooftop scene with an easy, monochromatic theme for my channels. And here I am one year later, I find myself seeking every nature spot possible in LA, curating my feed to a more earthly vibe.
While I still love a clean, simple feed, I want to share photos with more depth and fill pictures with eye-catching details. I don't enjoy wearing that much black and white instead, I want to style outfits with more colors and contrast.

Sharing another set of self-portraits, I created this outfit by pairing a longline satin bomber with a creamy velvet dress. Structured the look with a leather circle bag and finished with reflective aviator shades.

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  1. I think more colour and contrast is a good idea!
    xx Jenelle

  2. I love that bomber! Looks so pretty with that dress!

  3. Absolutely stunning!! I love that bomber!


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