04 January

Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA, USA
We rung in the new year with not only positive vibes but also fitness and health goals in mind. Introducing Jus by Julie, a very delicious juice cleanse that is packed with essential nutrients with fruits and veggies that are blended by hand! Not to mention, they are fairly inexpensive compared to organic hipster brands I see in LA.
From a single-day cleanse to a full-out detox, Jus is excellent in giving your body what it needs without suffering taste! With 25 bottle selections, Jus cleansing never gets boring. If I have to choose, my favorite Jus is definitely the Chia Berry!
Each bottle has 16 oz. and it is enough to fill you up for a meal. It takes me about 15 minutes to drink one and I take huge sips. The Chia Berry bottle is packed with strawberry, pomegranate, lemon, sweet agave and a bit of chia seeds for a protein and fiber boost. Not only it's delicious, it also fills me up for the afternoon.
Jus also offers booster shots with superfoods that your body loves! My favorite booster is the Ginger Citrus. It stings really bad when you drink it but it actually helps your immune system, aids metabolism and fights off cold and flu symptoms! I'm mostly attracted by its anti-inflammatory properties given that I'm always stressed from working and little sleep.

Be sure to grab your own Jus cleanse and take advantage of their new year promotion below! Free shipping is included.

*Promo code 'NEWYEAR99' for a 3-Day Cleanse for $99 and 3 protein juices
*Promo code 'JUICES17' to get any 3 juices for $17

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