Risk Taker

18 June

Have you ever intentionally done something that scared you? I've always seen those motivational posters that read "do one thing that scares you everyday," lurking around the internet or popping up in random readings growing up. This past Monday was the day that I took the biggest risk of my life. I will not be able to gauge the return of my risk but one thing that I'm sure of is, I feel liberated and ready for anything. Of course, I'm also very afraid. If AP Psychology has taught me anything in high school, going through five stages of the Kübler-Ross model will eventually lead me to "Acceptance." And I believe it. This week will mark the starting point where I give myself credit for all the things I've done and believe that I'm capable of doing more and doing better. 

On a lighter note, I am proud to present my second Ivy Park series on the blog today. Please enjoy this fun photo set taken on Melrose Ave. I will be releasing more athleisure and casual chic items for the summer. Be sure to follow through on Instagram to view my daily updates before they hit the blog!

Photos by Maggie Chan

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