Latiste x Bellabeat

29 June

Earlier this month, I stopped by my PR agency, CARO Marketing to pick up a few samples for the blog. One of their summer gifting items featured Latiste Clothing, a fast-fashion brand with trendy and head-turning pieces. This lavender lace two-piece caught my eyes immediately with its 70s bell-bottom vibes and chic details.
In addition to representing Latiste and CARO, I also had the pleasure to showcase a beautiful smart jewelry called Bellabeat Leaf. While doing a bit of my own research, I discovered that it is a wearable technology that tracks your health and well-being. Similar to a Fitbit, Bellabeat Leaf is one of a kind piece that can be worn as a necklace, wrap-around bracelet, or a clip-on!
So far, I have not been able to take off my Bellabeat Leaf since it is versatile and easy to use. Be sure to also download their app and sync it to your device to begin tracking your steps, sleep pattern, and set everyday wellness goals.

Stay tuned for my next look featuring more items from CARO Marketing and Bellabeat Leaf! Be sure to catch my daily updates on my Instagram.

Photos by Sharon Litz

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