Necessary x Qupid

17 May

While being the first photoshoot after Hong Kong, we grabbed this spot to shoot in Monrovia, a neighborhood that's super close to me!

Today's blog post consists of two collaborations both based in Los Angeles: Necessary Clothing and Qupid Shoes. I had so much fun putting together these pieces with my jelly toyboy, my newest indulgence from Hong Kong! 

Necessary: This lace up bodysuit is by far my most difficult find on the internet. Understanding that it should be "everywhere," I couldn't trust many of the retail sites out there. However, Necessary was different. Their brand actually has a variety of selection and good quality on all of the items that I grabbed for the collab. Needless to say, I am obsessed with this bodysuit. There are so many different versions of this style and by far, Necessary's got it right. ;-)

Qupid: I remember hearing about Qupid in early 2014 and here I am today, being a part of its influencer program and getting to blog about a favorite pair on this post! It's safe to say that I have collected most of the latest shoe trends in my closet but these fringe peep toes are definitely a necessary addition. Not only they are sassy but they also have the chunky heels that I love. These are seriously becoming my latest show stoppers! I can't wait to rock them throughout the summer.

Toyboy: This shiny jelly crossbody intentionally resembles Chanel's boy bag. The phrase "I'm not CHANNEL" is labeled on the inner flap of the purse and coming from a Cantonese brand, I couldn't not rep it! I'm not fan or supporter of fake designer wear but clearly jelly toyboy has its own swag and pretty much gives the middle-finger to the super expensive Chanel that we all hate to afford but love to own.

Be sure to check out both Necessary Clothing and Qupid Shoes for these lovely pieces styled on this post! Clicking on the highlighted links will bring you directly to where I got them. :-) Cheers guys and stay sassy!

Photos by Jenn Wu

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