25 April

Partnering up with Sudio Sweden today, a studio headphone brand with elegant designs from Sweden. Also, switching gears from athleisure, I am excited to share with you another look in the simple yet glam closet.

Since we are leaving Spring, I wanted to introduce these suede knee-highs from Aquapillar once more and match them to my ribbed turtleneck and wool mini from Topshop. This was one of the first times that I really got to explore LA and had the opportunity to shoot in the Pasadena City Hall. The setting and my outfit put together reminded me of going back to school and maybe Sunday school even. I still remember the days when I went to drawing classes and Chinese school during the weekend. I do not miss them for filling up my weekends but I sometimes wish I stuck with the drawing classes! 

Sudio Sweden Review:
These headphones are high quality and come in a stylish leather pouch. There are four other colors besides the rose gold as displayed. The other colors include pink, blue, and white. I especially love how they included smaller and larger ear buds for users to choose from. I have the smallest ears in the world and that was extremely helpful for me! Not only the design is spectacular, the sound of these headphones is just as clear and powerful as my on-ear headphones. Usually headphone cords are messy to deal with and easy to break but these Sudio ones are undeniably sturdy and never tangles. 

Buy Sudio HERE (Use 'Cece15' for 15% off discount code!)

More about Sudio Sweden headphones:
"Studio quality sound, elegant design and 8 hours of freedom, that is what Vasa Blå is all about. Pair up with your phone and take calls with the built in microphone and control your phone with the remote. The Vasa Blå is compatible with all Bluetooth devices." - Sudio Sweden

Photos by Jennifer Wu

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