19 April

Topshop is one of the freshest brands that makes it to my list for everyday favorites. Grabbed the latest athleisure piece to go for a casual shoot up at one of the building rooftops in LA. (Shop here)

I started this blog when I was still a senior in college back in Virginia. Having moved to three different cities since my first post, my life has evolved to being a diligent consultant during the day and a fashion creative every other minute. I cannot stress how much putting together this blog has made me grow to be who I am today. This is the eggs in my basket. In fact, every event I attend, every email I send, every minute I spend here are waking reminders of what I am capable of. I live and breathe the work I publish and I gas myself up to be a "creative," a "fashion blogger." Once you turn 25 in life, everything slowly starts to make sense to you. After my birthday back in December, I stopped wondering about the things that I missed out on or the fashion classes or school that I didn't get a chance to experience. There isn't time for that anymore. There isn't time to feel doubt. There isn't time to feel missed out. There also isn't time for people who don't believe in you, who don't support you, and who don't understand you. There is only time left for developing yourself and growing into your soul. I feel lucky to be where I am today. I really do. I feel lucky to be able to pick up and move across the country, or the world one day. I feel lucky that I can live on my own. I feel lucky that I can be a hard working fashion creative and yet still clock in 9 to 5 as a professional. I feel lucky for what I have. 

There is so much more that I can't wait to explore. Life comes at you fast and next thing you know, you are no longer as healthy or as strong as you were before. I know this because I keep getting sick this year. Staying healthy and taking care of yourself come before your dreams. I learned this the hard way. As much as I push out my weekly posts and keep up with multiple shoots within the month, my flying schedule and constant travel get me prone to allergies and being tired all the time.

Still you gotta do what you gotta do. Having a steady and healthy mental state go beyond saying. 

Staying true to myself is what I practice everyday. 

Understand life and understand the world you are living in. Everything just makes so much more sense.

As always,


  1. Love this outfit. The photos are gorgeous, as usual.

    xo Azu

  2. This is a fantastic read Cece! It speaks to me on so many levels! Just realised how similar our lives are I'm so proud of you and your journey!


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