Her Velvet Vase

13 April

Partnering up with Her Velvet Vase today with a cable knit sweater and a super festive fringe maxi. This incredible clothing brand from Singapore has my thumbs up for both its style and quality! Not only do I wear my sweater everywhere I go (yes, even in warm California!) I also have so much fun wearing the fringe maxi skirt. I've seen different shapes and sizes of maxi skirts in my life but this one by far is my favorite in my wardrobe. (Be sure to click on the blue links to shop this outfit!)
This wonderful photoset was taken in my beloved San Francisco city. Not only the glowing backdrops highlight in all the photos, they also bring out the outfit. Thanks to Daniel for this amazing set and also his hat for a super prop!

While doing my research on Her Velvet Vase, I discovered that they are not just any quick-fashion brands in Asia but they also vowed to treat their employees fairly while keeping products animal cruelty-free.

Her Velvet Vase's Fair Trade Practices:
"Her Velvet Vase believes in 100% cruelty-free practices. We do not use any animal or animal-tested products in our merchandise.
Although we are a 'fast-fashion' company, we ensure that all employees of Her Velvet Vase, suppliers and manufacturers alike are subject to fair and ethical working conditions. Our garment workers are paid fair salaries and receive benefits such as subsidised health care, full accommodation and meals. We integrate creative processes, manufacturing and distribution to ensure fairness, efficiency, as well as lower costs for our shoppers. That way, our workers and shoppers alike are happy!"

I highly respect fashion companies that value individuals and not only pay but treat their workers equally and ethically. Understanding that the fashion industry is a tough place to get into, it is important to find and identify work places that offer real opportunities and goals to achieve the brand's mission.

Photos by Daniel Fabia

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