Beautyzip: LA Launch Party

08 July

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I had the pleasure of attending Beautyzip's recent launch party at the Resident in downtown LA. Upon arriving to the event, I was immediately impressed by the branding and creative direction. Maggie Chan, Social Media and Marketing Manager for Beautyzip, welcomed the influencers with a warm introduction and the overall mission for the shop.

If you're a busy bee like me, Beautyzip is where I'd recommend for all your skincare needs! Dedicated to curate the best products for your skin and hair, Beautyzip introduces a better way of living through using natural and healthy ingredients.

Who believes that all beauty products are made equal? I definitely don't. Even with beautiful product images and compelling marketing strategies, certain brands are not 100% sincere about the effects they advertise for their consumers.

This is where Beautyzip comes in for a change. 

With countless brands in the market, Beautyzip is the perfect channel that stations only products that do good for our body. Two of the notable, healthy brands under the shop are Da Vinci Hair Care and Dermalogica. Both of which are honest brands that aim to provide the best for their customers. Having tried Da Vinci in the past (see reviews here and here), I passionately support their objective and promise of hair revival and treatment. Same with Dermalogica, I noticed a huge difference in my skin on hydration and sensitivity after just one use of their products. Eliminating the hassle of research and a tiresome shopping experience, Beautyzip offers a one-stop shop to bring us natural and organic products with awesome, healthy benefits.

If you're acne prone and skin-sensitive like me, I'd head over to Beautyzip for a quick browse on any products that you are looking to switch out from your normal routine! If their products are good enough for my skin, it's definitely good for those with normal skin! Not to mention, Beautyzip has a K-Beauty section that houses all of my new favorite products. Have at it!

Event photos by Maggie Chan

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