Da Vinci Hair Event

December 18, 2016

Brea, CA, USA

Oh how I adore Da Vinci! I was very honored to attend their first influencer event at the Stereoscope Coffee shop. The event was filled with delicious baked goods, refreshing lattes and of course, a deep dive into the holy grail of hair. Maggie, the social media manager of Da Vinci, did a fantastic job by creating a close-knit environment where the bloggers could share about the details of their journey. With a warming atmosphere and thoughtful treats, I was excited to learn more about Da Vinci's origins and its long-term goals.

Following my review with the Hydrate collection (see here), I was grateful to go home with the Keratin collection via the Box of Happiness. The quality of the shampoo plus conditioner were as excellent as the Hydrate bottles. The Keratin set exceeded my expectations on hair care. Ever since I started incorporating Da Vinci into my shower routine, I noticed a drastic difference in the strength of my hair and its overall health. Both Hydrate and Keratin are exceptional collections but I recommend grabbing Keratin if you are looking to bring your damaged hair back to life. The Keratin bottles feature a blend of chia seeds that aim to help repair thinning hair and prevent scalp infection. If you're wondering it's a miracle in a bottle... well, it definitely is! Plus, did I mention that it smells incredible??

A little side history....
I always had to chop a huge chunk of my hair off because I could not figure out how to deal with the dryness. It didn't matter what climate I lived in (moist and humid or cold and dry), I always had frustrating brittle ends that never made it! As you know, long hair is my signature look. Thankfully those days are over with the discovery of Da Vinci.

Shop all the hair care collection here: https://www.davincicolor.com/shop/
Grab a gift set for your loved ones!: https://www.davincicolor.com/gift-box/

Be sure to use promo code 'MERRY' for 20% off your $100+ purchase! I promise you, your hair will thank you.

Photos by Maggie Chan

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