Da Vinci

September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day! Debuting my exciting Da Vinci hair review on the blog-- Wearing my two-piece lace by Latiste and a recent favorite, my Kakoubijoux mother-of-pearl necklace.

Da Vinci is a high-end hair line that makes excellent products with nutrient-rich herbal ingredients. I was very excited to try their entire line of shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment, and even their body wash! Da Vinci is known for its protection and healing system on damaged hair and especially colored hair. For someone who has dry and colored hair, I was in desperate need of Da Vinci's rescue! Trying out both the shampoo and conditioner with jojoba oil base, I can tell my hair was instantly revitalized. Being in this dry climate in LA, I definitely felt the aggressive dehydration it has put my hair and scalp through! Luckily, Da Vinci really helped me bring my hair back to life.

Using their shampoo and conditioner was just the first step in bringing polish to my hair. It was the oil treatment that really kicked the whole process off. Given the dry weather, I wash my hair only about once per week or twice max. Water is actually very dehydrating to your skin and hair, did you know that?! Let's just say, I only wash when I notice any oily-ness starts creeping in! After washing my hair, I rub the oil serum into the hair ends and let it drink up. Also, I never or hardly use any heat on my hair because it has been through bleach before (ouch, I know!). I am very sensitive about using heat unless I am preparing for a somewhat fancy shoot! That said, absolutely use the oil treatment both after shower and a little bit before bed every night. I find this extremely helpful in repairing the damages.

Needless to say, the shampoo and conditioner have no paraben or any harmful chemicals that can damage your hair follicles. The shampoo barely foams up (which is a good sign!) and it still cleans your hair well just like any of the drug store brands. I would use the conditioner all over but most importantly at the ends. :-)

I was very impressed with how smooth my skin felt using the body wash. Not only the product glides on your skin but it also smells very fragrant and soothing. I always step out of the shower smelling like I just went through a garden of fairies. No, really...!

Be sure to check Da Vinci out, they will do you absolutely amazing for your hair! Healthy or not, they will be a great addition to your lifestyle. :-)

More about Da Vincihttp://www.davincicolor.com/aboutdavinci.php

Photos by Maggie Chan

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