Velvet Nights

18 October

It's crazy how different night shoots turn out. Maggie and I stumbled upon the busy streets of Koreatown on a random Monday. We usually shoot at night or when the sun sets. I especially love Maggie's photography style because it's always rich and saturated in the best way. We found a spot to shoot a casual look near Wilshire in front of bright neon building lights.

I love LA's stable weather even in the fall. As long as it doesn't get past 90 degrees, I'm very much into it. My favorite part about this shoot was pulling out my lightweight denim jacket as a cover-up at night. I used to store tons of heavy puffer jackets and wool coats back in Virginia, only to prepare for the endless winter season. I don't think I can ever go back to that!

It's fabulous how satin slips are making a comeback. My favorite items are velvet and satin put together. Tops are so much more interesting when they are designed in fabrics other than cotton. From the shoot, I wore a plunging V-neck satin tank by Band of Gypsies paired with a velvet wrap choker. Could not resist to add some distressed denim to the mix! Topped the look off with a light-wash jacket and white ripped jeans. 

Be sure to check out Richmond and Finch! They are a premium phone case brand that has exquisite designs and texture. My striped case is not only pretty to look at but also super smooth to touch.

Photos by Maggie Chan

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  1. So cool that you shot the photos at night! I love the outfit too!

    -Nataly ||

  2. I love this outfit on you babe! looking stylish and beautiful :)

    much love, Gina

  3. SO beautiful! You look amazing & I adore that purse! Your pics are seriously stunning! xo
    Dani //

  4. This is so stunning and I love that phone case!

  5. That top is so cute and I lvoe how you styled it with the denim jacket! I am lovig the lingerie as real clothes look now!

  6. Your photos are amazing! Loving this post.

  7. Pretty chic! Lovely photos!

  8. These pictures look awesome! The neon lights look so cool!


  9. Adore this look! And these photos are stunning! Night time photos are so hard to take!

  10. I love your photos! I never shoot at night due to the lack of lighting but I definitely want to try it now :)


  11. I love how your nighttime photos turned out! Your new phone case is super cute!! Love LOVE the hot days and warm nights! xo, Adelina

  12. Hehehehe. Always love shooting with you Cece. You should just get into modeling.

    Maggie S.


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