17 August

On the blog today is my one and only off shoulder top (it's true!) by Sammydress. I was reached out recently by a fast-fashion company based in China. I didn't think much of it except "oh, it's probably one of those web sites that uses unrealistic photos to get customers to shop there!" While I couldn't help but be a little suspicious, I wanted to believe that these "web sites" that we are far too familiar with finally started to come together. And I was definitely impressed by Sammydress.

Sandals by Very Volatile
Link to my top:

This off-shoulder striped top was probably my most anticipated item from the gifting that I received. You cannot scroll through Instagram without stumbling upon a few girls sporting them. The top is not only so incredibly cute, it is an absolute head-turner. I've received decent amount of compliments wearing it out. The material is lightweight and soft. The rubber band that secures the top is slightly tighter around my shoulders but it does the job perfect. It is semi-ruffly with a hi-lo design. It is shorter in the front and longer in the back, like a tail. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

My least favorite kind of off-shoulders is the boring white or beige ones! There's nothing to it except your shoulders! Anyhow, if you're checking out Sammydress, I highly recommend looking through their tops. I am confident to say that their items match their descriptions well and obviously, they are extremely cheap for their prices. Not to mention, if you have any questions, their customer service gets back to you within the day regardless of time difference of where you are. That's a win for me hands down.

Photos by Michelle Lock

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