District Bridge

14 July

Meet me by the bridge in Arts District LA! This simple skater LBD is not only chic but can be dressed up or down on any occasions.

When it comes to simple pieces, the quality and comfort must be top of the line. Topshop does a great job in this LBD that it is not only form fitting but flattering to your figure. I have own many skater skirts in the past and I always end up letting them go. Why? Because they were usually poorly made that got destroyed in the washer or were always too short! I am very impressed with my new LBD because it is not only at a modest length but it is also appropriate for any events. I would imagine myself wearing this dress to a casual dinner with flats or to a movie premiere with a fur coat. And plus, it is very easy to tell the quality of a shirt that's black or white. This LBD totally wins my heart. FYI every girl needs a proper LBD in their closet!

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Photos by Sam Park

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