Ivy Park I

06 June

First of my two Ivy Park series is finally here! Following my warehouse photoshoot from my previous post, I am excited to share my next athleisure look. My photographer Chase, and I definitely utilize all parts and corners of the warehouse to make sure we grab every decent shot possible.

Representing some of the local Los Angeles brands on this post, I am wearing Daily Cap Shop's navy city cap to go along with my Ivy top and bottom. Be sure to check their site out for other colors and city cap shoutouts.

When I was back in Hong Kong in early May this year, I noticed that Ivy Park was a huge sensation among the fashion brands in Causeway Bay. Stepping into Topshop, I was not too impressed with Beyonce's hyped brand since the only differentiation with other clothing line was the logo itself. When I returned to the states, I decided to check out the line one more time and see if it had any redeeming factors. Well, it did. I actually thought Bey's pieces were well designed and extremely comfortable to wear both leisurely and of course, while playing sports or working out.

I do want to point out that, given the recent allegations in regards to Ivy Park's sweatshop scandal in Sri Lanka, I was not surprised that Bey decided to manufacture her brand there. Actually, Highsnobiety is letting us know that Ivy Park is refuting all claims and states that it holds a "rigorous ethical trading program." Which obviously, may or may not be bulls*. From further inspecting each Ivy piece I tried on, I sincerely thought they were decent quality and well made for what it's worth. I would have best guessed that Bey got a great deal for cheaper labor and also having it made to the standard she wanted. But then again, it is Beyonce. There wouldn't be a decline of sales in any way of this scandal because who would reject such a ground-breaking or rather, "internet-breaking" celebrity?

Photos by Chase Shi

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