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03 February

Most of you are probably aware of the Calvin Klein (cK) hype that emerged suddenly a year ago with Kendall all over the billboards:

I was surprised to see cK blow up in 2015 as luxury casual brands go-- This brand has been around since the 70s and it did not become unique to me outside of just another brand like Gap or Banana. cK's marketing team definitely put into a lot of work on defining minimal chic and the focus on neutral tones. Not to mention, they also invested in celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner as well as known models like Lucky Blue to shoot for their underwear line in order to grab the attention of their millennial audience. I personally love the comfort of cK and the simplicity of their designs. I'm usually not a big fan of brands that have their name across all their clothes but I made that exception with cK. I'm impressed with how not only it caught on the trend of athletic chic but also their monochromatic colors are so easy to match with other clothing items.

The famous bralette that everyone (including myself) is obsessed with:

(By the way this pic is shoppable! Go ahead and click to see where to buy the bralettes. Also the same goes with my "Cece's Curated Selection" on the homepage~)

Now let's take a look at some of the amazing advertising and branding that cK put together:
Starting with the gorgeous Lucky Blue male model showcasing a classic sleek sweatshirt with  hot pouty lips--

Of course our super famous Justin's campaign:

Can't forget our #throwback Thursdays with the beloved iconic model, Kate Moss in '94:

One of my favorite photos on their Instagram account is the capture of The Blond Salad (Let's go bloggers!):

And... of course, your girl's attempt at this fabulous brand ;):
Which is coming soon by the way!
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Seriously I cannot contain my excitement of  my cK photoshoot (which was happily done in San Diego about two weeks ago) Be on the lookout for Cece's personal blue steel and model walks ;)

Also be sure to hashtag #mycalvins when you are flaunting your cute cK wardrobe :) You may be spotted on their social media or web site! xx

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