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05 February

February 4th was the day that wrapped up Men's Fashion Week in New York this year! I was lucky enough to catch snippets of it on Snapchat-- it may still be on the story, go check it out guys :-) I followed up with some of the designs mentioned and did an investigation on what exactly is trending for mens fashion. Here I found the wonderful Vogue showcasing all the designs this week!

Three designers that really stood out to me, in order of favorites were John ElliottAlexander McQueen, and Michael Bastian.

I want to focus particularly on John Elliott's designs as I was very impressed by his every piece. Not only his style reflects the super hot athletic trend, it also demonstrates finesse on his design techniques. Vogue mentions that John traveled to different parts of the world and really did his homework on how to create each individual look to achieve both uniqueness and functionality. Now that is #respect right there. Not only this designer is creative but he is also inspiring by bringing together what he learned across the globe.

"Hoodies, thermals, and raglan pullovers were richly fabricated in gauzy French terry, flannel, or leather patchwork. All the fabrics were complex and textured—one in particular, a wool-bonded aluminum made into flight jackets and shorts, enabled the wearer to bend and sculpt them if he so chooses. Only exhaustive research could result in something like that. Same with Elliott’s use of a stitching technique known as sashiko, originally developed to repair and reinforce kimonos, which he discovered on a trip to Japan. Completing the fully realized look was the designer’s first foray into footwear, nubuck high-tops with a small strip of leather resembling laces tied at the back of the ankle." - Vogue

John Elliott and his military squad (can anyone do #squadgoals better??):

From his entire collection ranging different colors, I picked out the few that I gave the most attention to. Ready to see what they look like?

I was taken over immediately by the very first all-white ensemble:
Following the military olive green:
This look is so my everyday currently! It makes my heart melts just a little more:
Obsessed with this deep burgundy red:
Yes to leather!

After going through his amazing "cool-calm-collected" designs,  I can't help but recognize Kanye's Yeezy Season 2. I am definitely a huge fan of Yeezy's casual chic but John Elliott's designs just elevated the military trend even more. Starting from head to toe on each model, you can tell that the layering was very specific and perfectly contrasted at the right level. Nothing screams excess in casual or formal. John mixed and matched the two very well together and it is definitely more my taste than anything. Another point I want to make is John Elliott's designs were unisex and gender friendly. I went through the photos here and I am pretty much wearing two out of six outfits on a daily basis! I'll let you guess which ones I'm talking about. :p

That's it for now on men's fashion! Hope this gives you some insight on what is currently trending and what happened this past week is New York. :) Stay tuned for more fashion updates as well as photoshoots I worked on recently xx cheers guys!

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