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02 February

Today I want to share a post about a city that is dear to my heart & mark the beginning of new posts outside of fashion. :-)

I want to start by telling you about the place of my birth and where I grew up for a portion of my childhood. Hong Kong is not only my home city but also my favorite city in all of China. I have been to all of the major cities including Shanghai and Beijing; yet I still come back to Hong Kong as a place where I feel the most at home. I never got a chance to go back as often after I moved to the states; after all, my family immigrated here to pursue a better life. However, I always wondered what kind of life I would live if I continued my education in Hong Kong. Unfortunately half of my childhood was spent hating the school system and never appreciated it as my "home." :-( Now that I am finally done with school in America, I am making plans to visit and see my grandpa every year!

As most of you know, I went back over the holidays (12/12 - 12/31). Throughout my trip, I was lucky to meet up with my friend who also happened to be in the city at the same time. Since my family and I left in '99, I haven't made any close Cantonese friends; except recently in Seattle last year, I made two very good friends who made me feel like home. :-) One of which I met up with in Hong Kong and the other I had my last meal with in Seattle. Even though I consider myself to be very Americanized, it is an indescribable feeling of how connected I feel when I meet someone from my home city.

Here are some fun photos/video my friend took of me when we were roaming around Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) at 3am:

We spent most of the night walking around LKF and made it to a few known bars. One of which was the Hard Rock Cafe! Of course I would go there since it was the only familiar one. My friend took a lot of photos for me as I requested streetstyle shots in the city! Since it was a Monday night, there weren't a lot of people so it was easy to snap a few pictures without the crowd in the background. Not pictured here but we also made it to Mongkok to get delicious shark fin soup (fake shark fin of course!~) and found durian food stands everywhere.

I seriously had such a fun time in the city as an adult. :-) Not to mention staying at the luxurious Conrad Hotel in Admiralty also gave me the perspective of what it's like being on the fancy side of Hong Kong. Coming from Tsuen Wan, my family and I were brought up in the "local" area of New Territories and I never visited the westernized parts of the city. But like I said earlier, I did not enjoy the city as I left hating it as a child :-( Don't get me wrong but there was just a lot of pressure on school when I grew up there! I was not shocked at all when I learned that Hong Kong has the highest IQ in the world (See source here).

I also found an interesting post on Pinterest today featuring a 36-hour itinerary in Hong Kong :-)
Starting from watching the skyline glow on a Friday night in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to shopping fancy retail malls in Causeway Bay, you can definitely experience the best of Hong Kong in just short 36 hours. I highly recommend this to any of my friends when they make a visit to my home city!

Found this gorgeous/moody photo of Hong Kong:

Hope you all learned a few things about where I came from :-) I will be posting on a regular basis on more items about me outside of fashion! xoxo until next time, everyone--

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