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04 December

Just passed the Thursday mark-- Happy Friday! My last full weekend back in Seattle and I am ready to finish clearing everything out of my apartment. :-) If you read my post from Monday, you will know that I drove my car with my sister from Seattle to the Bay. This weekend my mission is to have nothing left and prep for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong next week! That's right-- I have planned this trip since June or July timeframe. I made a promise to go see my grandfather as often as I can once I graduated college. I wasn't able to fulfill my promise last year so I will be doing so this year. :-)

This post focuses on my second set with Michelle from our previous shoot in Seattle last week. I'm essentially obsessed with all of her edits! I love the tones and the perfect amount of contrast. If you know my photo editing style from the very very beginning of my journey, it was more on the brighter side. I'm gradually getting into more darker and saturated photos as they add more feels to the outfit.

I'm always excited to do a look completely on my own and put together pieces that I love. This look in particular is an outfit that I would wear out on a casual day. If you know me, I am definitely a heels-girl! I love wearing chunky heels and these fringe booties are my new favorites. I'm never a huge fan of flannels or button downs however, this flowy tail button down I found at Urban just had me convinced. That's when I figured it out-- you can still get the boyish look without looking too boxy by adding a halter bralette underneath. I also purposely ripped my white jeans to create the distressed look but at the same time, I love how they were loose on me. I own many pairs of skinny fitting pants but I am slowly getting into the boyfriend, slouchy bottoms that were all the rave back in the summer! ;-)

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my third set with Michelle and keep up with me on my Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your week and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

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Photos: Michelle Lock

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