08 December

Can't believe it's already the second week of December-- I finally managed to sell everything from my condo in Seattle and moved all of my belongings to the Bay Area! Coming up this very weekend I will be traveling to Hong Kong to visit my grandfather. :-) It has been over two years since I visited and I am excited to unplug and relax. Thankfully I will still have decent internet access and Instagram that I will be posting once I get there-- probably not as often as I do daily but will keep you all updated!

This post focuses on my collaboration with One Saint LA and another amazing shoot with my girl Michelle! We shot in the Downtown Seattle area about two weeks ago. It was the coldest week I've ever experienced in Seattle-- the temperature dropped to about mid 40s! I was very thrilled to meet Nikki, the owner of One Saint LA while shooting with Michelle. We shot a total of three pieces for her brand and I styled them with monochromatic colors to match accordingly. The 'hautemes' top is their bestseller and evidently my favorite piece out of the three! It is not only cozy but so girly with off-shoulder details and slouchy feel to it.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my collaboration with One Saint LA and keep up with me on my Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your week and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

If you liked my circle sunnies in an earlier post, head on over to DITTO for their monthly glasses subscriptions! Only $24/month for a pair of designer glasses delivered right to your door. These pretty Derek Lam sunnies are my first pair and they are gorgeous as they came fresh with the glasses case and cleaning cloth. Highly recommend for transforming one look to another. *Use my promo code: "CECELAM" for your first month free.* :-)

Photos: Michelle Lock

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  1. Love that sweater! Your shoes are fabulous as well.

    xo Azu


  2. C, you look amazing! I love this whole look and how you styled it. Have a lot of fun in HK! :)

    XO, Kyla


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