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30 November

Happy Monday! I took a week break from posting and now I'm back. :-) Some quick life updates: I had quite some busy weeks at work and ended up moving/driving my car down from Seattle to the Bay. My sister and I just completed a two-day drive that totaled about one thousand miles. We didn't expect any delays or difficult roads days ahead but we actually ran into very icy paths in Oregon. Oregon was beautiful but it was definitely a tough drive given that my car was a mini sports car. :-( Thankfully we made it safe down to the bay with no accidents or car break-ins. This was a huge milestone for me to complete this drive from Seattle! This weekend I will be back to finish cleaning my place and selling the rest of my household items. :-) If you are interested, here is the Craigslist posting for all things at $5!

While I was in Seattle for the holidays last week, I was able to catch my main girl, Michelle to snap a couple looks for the rest of my Fall lookbook! I always have a great time working with Michelle and I love how attentive to detail she is. Every shot is done carefully and edits are developed consistently across all photos. I feel very fortunate to come across talented people like Michelle and I can't stress enough how much social media has helped and brought me so much opportunities to such amazing collaboration and people. I feel bittersweet leaving Seattle-- it was my first city I've ever lived away from my family and it was also where I started realizing my dream.

Since we usually snap our looks in three, our very first look features this super cozy floppy hat by Peter Grimm. It is made of 100% wool and it keeps my head warm during the cold winters here! I am most excited about the feathers hanging from the edge of the hat-- it makes the hat more original and adds an extra festive touch to the overall look. Paired with my favorite knee-slit denim and all black and grey, I was definitely feeling casual-chic. :-)

I was also happy to find these peep-toe fringe booties at a store call Qrew in San Diego! This store reminded me of the young and hip brands that I loved when I was in grade school. I will definitely make my visit to Qrew more often when I return to San Diego-- they have really trendy pieces for relatively inexpensive prices. :-)

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on more Fall looks and keep up with me on my Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your week and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

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Photos: Michelle Lock

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