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30 March

Hi friends :) For about a year and a half now, I've been following Céline's handbag line-- I went from hating the boxy style to absolutely loving it. This post is dedicated to the famous Mini Luggage that has been all over the internet:

Source: www.ohsoglam.com
The classic black smooth leather tote! Goes with everything and a great addition , I mean GREAT addition, to your wardrobe-- Let that be work or play :) The Mini is 12"H X 12"W X 7"D and it's big enough to fit everything a girl has (literally). Unfortunately though it's getting pricier by the season-- (Information on Price Increase).

Some other colors that I dream about:

The tricolors are a little more expensive than the solid ones only because they are more rare and come during special seasons.

Speaking of the Minis I've discovered decent replicas on reputable online retailers--

1. Daily look - $74.99
5 different colors - Beige, Black, Black/White, Black/Beige, Black/Beige/Grey
I've actually purchased this one just last week! It's soft, sturdy and very similar to the real one in Beige-- I highly recommend this color! However I haven't seen the other colors in person yet but I would go for the solid ones over the tricolors.

2.  Oasap - $44.80

*The cutest replica of the Céline Nano (smallest size next to the Mini)*
3 different colors - Pink, Lavender, Mint
These colors are almost exactly the same as the real Nanos-- The pink one fits closer to my wardrobe colors but I would go for any of the three since they are all very tasteful.

3. H&M - $39.95
2 different styles - Solid and Reptile Pattern
The H&M handbags are slightly different than the rest but they particularly catch my eyes simply because they capture the unique boat feature. These bags are subtle and perfect for a profession setting however, note that the imitation leather on the other two beats the material on this one.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates--

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  1. Amazing review of the Celine bag, Cece! Really love the market research you did on this post. Waiting for your next awesome one :)

  2. Hi Cece! I just wanted you to know I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Please check out my post and go along with the fun little award to help promote your fellow bloggers! :)

    BaileyAnne xo



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