03 March

Blogging from Seattle! I want to share my favorite dresses from the Oscars :)

Let's get right into it! First off--
My main girl Jennifer Lawrence

Her nomination:
JLaw was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in American Hustle! Good girl :) I loved her in Hunger Games and she's been climbing her career ever since. (I think she's definitely going to win one soon enough!)

Her look:
JLaw is wearing this stunning red strapless dress by Dior complimented by a gorgeous statement necklace from Neil Lane that dipped low in the back. Her posh blond locks are styled and teased back while her natural/minimal makeup brightens her blue eyes. I just love how the combination of her dress, hair, and makeup makes the entire look effortless and she is absolutely beautiful. There is no argument in that she is crowned as Best Dressed for the night!

JLaw with winner Matthew McConaughey! My heart still goes out for Leo but Matthew definitely deserves his trophy! One of my favorite pictures of the night.
Next up! Angelina Jolie--

Her look: She did not get nominated however, this forever fabulous and beauty icon will always know how to impress us at any red carpets! Angelina is spotted wearing this super sexy and embellished gown by Elie Saab. My goodness it is every girl's dream to own dresses by Elie Saab, Marchesa, and all these amazing talented designers. (I would wear ALL dresses that are couture!) Angelina's stylist made a good decision dressing her up in this sensational gown that perfectly show off her body yet maintains that calm seductive sexiness that she has. I also love how her hair is let down and styled over her shoulders. I always style my outfits like this where I make sure to tell my viewers to style your hair up or over your shoulders to not lose attention from the detailed top/dress to your hair(?!).

This look is brilliant and perfect for Angelina. Another Best Dressed for the night :) Definitely a "win."

This photo just makes my heart smile :) What a match made in heaven!

Finally my super star Lupita Nyong'o--

Her nomination: 
Lupita is a huge breakout actress for her film 12 Years a Slave and she took home the Oscars for Best Supporting Actress! I haven't seen the movie yet but I did watch her interview with Conan just a few days ago. She's got a sweet personality and such awesome fashion sense! I love the way she expresses herself and how passionate she is about her home country Kenya. Love that fire about her! Keep going Lupita!

Her look:
Lupita is wearing this deep V empire waist gown by Prada. I'm obsessed with this baby blue dress and how beautiful and royal it looks on her! Without any long or drape-y necklaces (no need!), she rocks the dress with a cute simple gold headband, a pair of statement stud earrings, and subtle gold arm candies. Out of the three dresses mentioned here, Lupita's dress is definitely my style! I just love how it simple it is and yet so elegant. Can't wait to see what she'll be wearing next :)

Lovely lovely dress-- obsessed with how it drapes long over like an upside down flower. Good job Prada!

Until next time for more fashion updates!

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