02 April

Photography by the very talented Hami Bahadori

Hi friends! This week I'm sharing my very first editorial shoot featuring pieces from H&M-- You can find these photos at Hami's Portfolio including many of his other beautiful works.

Working with Hami was a fantastic experience especially since I've never done indoor shoots before and I didn't know what to expect! These photographs make perfect sense to me because they captured the one character that defines who I am -- a Warrior! Fighting for what I love and chasing my dream no matter what it takes and what I have to do to get there... is my identity. I no longer tell myself to be brave and confident because at this moment I am brave and confident. That's the art in fashion and what it means to me to convey that in the way I dress and in all my photos. I've walked some tough roads and faced some difficult situations; still at the end of the day I can't believe I've gotten so far on my own. I feel like a brand new leaf turned over and I'm very thankful for all the support my friends and family have given me to grow more independent.

Seattle has just been such an eye opener on so many levels for myself and for my blog-- let that be work, city, friends, or the sushi. I can't wait for more exciting adventures and photograph experiments... now that I finally have a taste of what high fashion feels like! :)

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