GRLFRND: New School Vibes

November 6, 2016

There's always a misconception that LA is all Hollywood or Beverly Hills. It's really not. LA has so many little neighborhoods that aren't even close to what people imagine the city to be. I love living on the east side because it's creative, artistic and underrated. For the first time, I left the east to hit up Malibu for the first time.
Mixing new style with old school vibes, I am all about adding my own spin to the 90s look. Thanks to GRLFRND, I had so much fun styling this vintage number. Unlike other shirt dresses, this piece has a dolphin hem with a minimal side slit. Although it isn't figure-hugging, the dress fits easy and is more comfortable than any denim I've worn. Its light indigo shade and large front pockets make it super casual and laid-back. 

Introducing the color-blocked backpack by Nicole Lee, I was excited to complement the look with this vibrant addition. Featuring multicolors and removable straps, this backpack is also mini and easy to carry. Also, how fun are these circle sunnies with these triangular lenses? Not to mention, reflective mirror frames are the hottest thing this year. They are from The Well, a local LA brand that houses hair services, events and fashion retail. 

Shoutout to Twig and Willow! Founded in Long Beach, California, they make handmade accessories that are unique and elegant. I am wearing a custom faux-suede olive choker with silver-tone chain. The material they used is extremely soft. I have seen many chokers in my life but I am absolutely in love with this one. Be sure to check out Twig and Willow for their entire handmade accessories collection.

Photos by Michelle Lock

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