Swatch: Skinciel Watch

28 August

Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Embrace #YourMovement

Swatch recently debuted a new watch line called SKIN. It features sleek and smooth watches in a variety of colors. Known for its innovative design from Switzerland, Swatch brought a new wave of style with these simple yet beautiful everyday pieces.

Lightweight and comfortable around your wrist, the Skinciel watch is created with a slim silicone band and a high-quality plastic case. Compared to their classic models, the SKIN watches are especially smooth and ultra-thin - ones that truly feel like second skin!

As soon as I put my Skinciel on, I forget about it. It never irritates my wrist and always remains comfortable all day long. You could work out, run errands and sleep while wearing it throughout the day. The simplicity of the design makes it easier to style with any outfit. Especially with the Skinciel's soft blue tone, it is the perfect color for the summer. Additionally, SKIN watches can be unisex with colors and features that stand out to everyone. 

More details of the Skinciel:

Exhibiting a low-profile ultra-thin Swatch case construction, the silver-colored sun-brushed dial features a light blue and white print index. Its 36.8mm double-injection case is split along a curving line composed of a shiny light blue front and shiny white plastic back. The look comes together with a matte light blue silicone strap, white silicone loop and shiny light blue plastic buckle.

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