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22 August

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Growing up with horrible, I mean, horrible eye sight, I dreaded wearing glasses. They're uncomfortable and I spend half my day pushing them up from my nose bridge. Plus, getting made fun of at school for being "four-eyes" puts the cherry on top. But ugh, seriously? The day my mom got me contacts, I (almost) never wore glasses in public again.

Fast forward to 2017, glasses became a fashion trend and they are more than a necessity for your eyes. Embracing all the fun shapes and sizes created for eyewear, I enjoy fashionable glasses way more and love adding it as a final touch to my look. AND - one way to look smarter? Wear glasses!😎 Bringing me to the main focus of today's post.... introducing 2 favorite pairs that make you look smarter, instantly:

Photos by Michelle Lock
The Scientist Look
Oversized frames that not only make your face smaller but your eyes bigger - now that's magic right there. You could literally pull off any look with these. They're sassy, bossy and definitely smart-assy. I'd do anything to replace these with my actual frames. Step up these oversized babies with a sleeveless top and a pair of dark-wash denim for a sophisticated vibe. Shop: http://rstyle.me/~a496r

The Retro Look
MVMT, a fast-growing lifestyle brand, released a collection featuring stylish glasses that went along with their watches. Thanks to MVMT, I got myself a pair of the Icon Clear glasses and the Sunset watch.

Love vintage vibes and I absolutely adore the retro round shape of Icon Clear. The slim frame makes the glasses look extra sleek. The Sunset watch is created with a rose-gold strap and an iridescent crystal case. These retro frames were styled with a maxi dress and an asymmetrical blouse. Dress up or down with these glasses and you still look super smart wherever you go! Shop: http://rstyle.me/~a49aL

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