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14 June

Los Angeles, CA, USA
If you ask me which social platform I enjoy the most, the answer is actually not Instagram. Pinterest takes the lead when it comes to searching for inspiration and new content. While the spotlight is heavily on Insta, I found Pinterest to be an excellent tool to drive exposure to web sites and blog posts. Additionally, I love being able to collect ideas and group boards that represent my brand.

The first thing I learned about Pinterest is that, similar to creating content on Instagram, you need to put together boards and pin things that are relevant to you. Being authentic is number one and interacting with the Pinterest community is number two. Don't be afraid to re-pin things you like! This is how good content gets out.

Image from my Flat Lay board

I started out with a board that only contains my blog posts and Instagram images. Not only I pin one image from my recent posts, I pin all the images. That way, when a new member visits my account, they can go straight to the Cece Lam board and find my posts directly.

Flat Lay is a board I use the most. Aside for my own purposes, I create campaign images for an eyewear brand that I often draw from Pinterest. I also share my own images so there could be more reach for my Instagram.
The next group of boards are fashion trends that I've separated into 80s and 90s fashion. Style from both decades are unique and drives much of today's fashion and my own outfit inspiration.
With Celeb StyleDenim Fashion and Urban Fashion, these boards are places where I look for both outfit ideas and photoshoot concepts. The BFF Goals board is one that I would love to contribute to with hopes of doing a shoot with a friend!
I categorize CoastalInterior and Wander together as boards for places I want to visit and decoration ideas for my own personal space. I found a ton of good travel blogs and adventure spots from these boards!
I don't normally seek out photos of food but I'm going to end the post with a Cantonese Food board that houses all of my cravings! Truth is I'll never get sick of dim sum and moon cakes.
Overall, I see Pinterest as a place where we can tell a story about ourselves. It serves as a purpose to discover new ideas and concepts that inspire us. Whether that be DIY videos, lunch recipes or organized flat lays, Pinterest always wins when it comes to spreading really great content. I honestly haven't come across any popular or over-shared pin that makes me doubt that. What's your take on Pinterest?

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