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24 June

Los Angeles, CA, USA

From having many years of acne, I've tried all types of commercialized skincare that completely dried my face out and left deep sad scars, making it hard for me to recover. With all the Youtube videos on cleansing and healing, the ones that always intrigued me were Korean skincare. I can't believe it took me over fifteen years to finally give its cleansing method a shot!

Ohlolly, started by two sisters early last year, aims to curate the best beauty and skincare products to their customers. With pages dedicated to Why Korean Skincare? and a detailed Beauty Routine, the sisters make the promise on offering the best from the market and customers having the best skin in mind.

Shortly learning about Ohlolly, I was introduced to the Gentle Cleansing Duo by Huxley, featuring a cleansing gel and a cleansing water.

"Huxley is a skincare brand that takes the natural value of skin as its top priority. Huxley provides solutions for skin suffering from harmful environmental elements and stress in urban areas. The key ingredient, certified-organic Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil, is carefully sourced in Morocco. Hand-selected and cold-pressed to procure the maximum benefits, this precious ingredient is antioxidant-rich, highly nourishing and anti-aging. Huxley stands for true beauty." - Ohlolly

First of all, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It's chic, it's minimal, it's perfect. I'm usually not one to be blown away by a fancy box but as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I was hooked. Peeling back the sticker to gently lift the top (oh how I love beautiful things!), I feel just how smooth the bottles are. As soon as I open the cap or pump the bottle, I immediate smell delicious, fresh pears. The message on the bottle reads "Great things never came from comfort zones." It's true and I love that.

Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Gel
The gel is extremely nourishing and it feels like my face is being cleansed and moisturized at the same time. Stress and the environment definitely make my skin react in the worst way. Luckily the gel also helps balance the pH. If I have an oily complexion or an itching pimple, I would use the cleansing gel to wash my face and the irritating symptoms would go away like magic.

Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Water
The water works like a mild toner for me. It smells like apple juice and it never irritates or stings my skin when I use it. Right after I wash my face, I would let my skin drink up the cleansing water to remove any traces of impurities and lock in added antioxidants. My face feels so soft, supple and young with the duo. I'm happy to say that both Huxley bottles are now my everyday cleansing routine.

To Use:
AM Soak a cotton pad with Cleansing Water and sweep across the entire face gently. Rinsing is optional. OR, mix a small amount of Cleansing Gel with water for a refreshing foam cleanse. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. Don’t forget SPF!
PM Double cleanse. First, use the Water to remove makeup and sunscreen. Next, use the Gel for a more thorough cleanse. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer.

Another cleansing activity I like is exfoliating once a week. I discovered Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel by Mizon, a gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin like mine. Only taking about a minute to use, I rub pea-size amount all over my face and the product quickly dissolves and peels away dead skin every corner. I run my problem areas with the gel a couple times to make sure it's digging deep for dirt trapped in my pores. Did I mention how amazing it smells? It smells just like apples and it is infused with fruit extracts to help tackle your skin issues. Thank goodness for this easy solution.

To Use:
After cleansing, apply a proper amount of peeling gel to damp face avoiding eyes and mouth and gently massage with fingertips. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Overall, I would highly recommend looking into Ohlolly if you are new to Korean skincare like me. Their store has made it easier for me to find products that are narrowed down and curated for sensitive, acne prone skin.  Besides being an authorized retailer for the brands they represent, Ohlolly often has great promos and discounts for their customers. With 10% off your first purchase and free shipping over $50, it's so easy to get your beauty routine started. Now you can probably guess where I'm headed for my skincare refills!


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