Banana Republic: What Moves Us

05 April

Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA, USA
I wake up at 8:15am every morning, checking both my calendar and inbox. Similar to other bloggers in the city, dedicating to a full time job and sustaining the blog are two most important tasks. Aside from building my career, there are five things I'd like to share with you that personally move and motivate me.

1. Family & sisters
I'm 80% my family and 20% me. My sisters are my everything. I grew up with them and we share more than just our bloodline. They motivate and inspire me everyday to achieve my goals in life.

2. Significant other
My boyfriend Devon is one of the best people I met. He's kind, loving and supportive. Most importantly, he moves me everyday to be a better person.

3. Healthy mind, body & soul
I won't be able to conquer anything without a healthy state of mind. I visit the local gym 3-4 times a week to stay fit and in shape. Health equals success.

4. Sustainability
Advocating for ecological balance and elimination overconsumption motivates me deeply. Resolving the world's climate change issue is our mission and responsibility.

5. Community
Having relocated from one city to another, I value the importance of finding a community. Having a voice in a group that I assimilate with moves me equally as anything else.


What Moves Us is Banana Republic's spring campaign. Banana's classic style and premium fabrics are the driving force behind their brand. I'm delighted to shoot for their newest collection featuring an off-the-shoulder dress, woven belted blazer, and a vibrant printed top. All three pieces are exquisite, sophisticated and effortless to style. Most importantly, they are a breezy transition from desk to dinner, making them the perfect pieces for your everyday wardrobe.

Shop Banana Republic SS17 Collection:

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