F21: I Call the Shots Babe

30 October

Brea, CA, USA
Calling all the shots with my new embroidered bomber jacket! I've had my eyes set on a military-inspired look before I even stepped foot into Forever 21 that day. Especially since how much I'm into olive green, this jacket is now added to my mini army collection.

I cannot stop wearing my turtleneck because of how soft it feels. I love its salmon color and it goes extremely well with any bottom. It just so happens that I have these knee-slit skinny jeans that are the exact color as this turtleneck. I've been wearing that outfit with the same sneakers, feeling like I'm part of Kanye's crew!

"I Call the Shots Babe" is embroidered at the back of the bomber. I am obsessed with these cute phrases on jackets that are fun and catchy. The very first one I saw was the "Not Your Baby" jacket from Reformation. It's brilliant and I want it more every time I see it. Because of its high price tag, I am happy to stick with my current bomber, for now. :-) I wear my bomber almost everywhere I go! It is lightweight and keeps me very warm at night. I wear a size small and it fits true to size.

Both the turtleneck ribbed top and bomber are from Forever 21. I am surprised how much they've stepped up their game with design and color ways. From my experiences, Forever's fit is never quite right on my body and the colors they offer never suit well with my skin tone. However, I love the trend that they're after now: the 90s. It's not the American Apparel or the usual high-waist jeans ads you see everywhere. I'm impressed by how quickly Forever's been catching up and reinventing their young image for millennials. That said, I'm really excited to bring back some of 90s' trend and make it my own! 

Shoutout to DIFF eyewear for these beautiful reflective sunnies and Polished Perfect for my fun geometric nail art! 

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Photos by Maggie Chan

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  1. Totally in love with this shades. In fact I am really obsessed I should tell u !!

  2. I seriously love that bag! And I love the colors for this look!

  3. Ohhhh I love that bag!! Gorgeous as always!

  4. I'm totally in love with the 90s coming back as well as I was a lil kid back then. And this style looks amazing on you!! :D


  5. This jacket is incredible! I just love how you styled it! So cute babe!
    Dani // http://www.daniellealexandra.com

  6. What a cute jacket! I love that saying, such a power move!

  7. You look so amazing Cece! Hehe.

    Maggie S.

  8. Loving your bomber jacket!! Great look!

  9. CeCe, your photos for this shoot are amazing! Love your sunnies

    Katie Ann


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