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18 September

Good morning to this beautiful Sunday! Blogging from my new apartment in Atwater Village, I present you this stunning layered butterfly embroidered mini dress by Dezzal.

The designer is ZENPP by Zhao.  Her main focus of the brand is to create "traditionally crafted pieces with contemporary flair.... Zhao insists that in today's increasingly westernized society, the essence of traditional aesthetic should be respected by modern elegance."

This layered dress immediately caught my eye as I started browsing through her page. Not only Dezzal hosts ZENPP but also different brands that have their own style. I'm very impressed with how the layered dress turned out. It looks exactly like the product image and sizing is exact (I am wearing a size small in the photos!).

I love how the dress has multiple layers of ruffles and added lining underneath. The mock neckline and shoulder detail are made in stretchy mesh material. Not to mention, the embroidery of butterflies and golden flowers are absolutely gorgeous. It almost reminds me of the costumes in this epic Chinese movie, Curse of the Golden Flower!

However, I have to say that the lace remainder of the dress does not glide smoothly on the skin and is somewhat uncomfortable. Judging by the beautiful design and the inexpensive pricing for the dress, I can see how the material may suffer. Both the lace fabric on the sleeves and ruffles are quite scratchy. Otherwise, this really is the perfect mini dress! :-)

Please be sure to check out Dezzal and the designer ZENPP!

Also, here are some of the best sellers that I highly recommend taking a look at :-) Dezzel Best Sellers!

More detail on my layered embroidered mini dress: here!

Photos by Michelle Lock

As always,


  1. So pretty! Love Dezzal's dresses -- they are so unique and gorgeous. Hope your weekend is going well xo, sharon

  2. This dress is so beautiful & unique! You look like an angel darling! :-)

    XOXO, Aliya

  3. This dress is seriously amazing and you wear it like a true princess! I'm totally not a cross dresser, but sometimes I envy the things you girls are able to wear, haha.


  4. This dress is gorgeous, Cece! Can't wait to check out more of their pieces!


  5. This is such a lovely dress. I love that it is sheer and delicate and those embroidered details are everything. Has those Asian elements but just barely so that anyone can wear it. Perfect for girls lunches, showers, and tea! xoxo, Christine

  6. What a gorgeous dress! you look stunning babe :)
    xoxo, Gina

  7. Love this dress! You look so amazing in it! :) I really love all the layers!
    Dani //

  8. Amazing dress!

  9. Oh my goodness you look so cute in this white dress ♥️

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