Black Halo

14 September

Happy humpday! Continuing my jumpsuit crave with my next brand favorite: Black Halo. Fell in love with their Joaquin Jumpsuit as soon as I started browsing. Aside from their site, Black Halo is also available at Nieman Marcus, Saks and Bloomingdale's.

Black Halo focuses their brand on "flawless construction, impeccable tailoring, and an aesthetic that both references and reinvents classic glamour and sex appeal." (Read about their philosophy!)

The Joaquin Jumpsuit is definitely no ordinary. Not only the fit was perfect to my petite frame, I also enjoy how flattering it looks. The only issue that I knew I would run into was my height! Believe it or not, I am wearing 4"-5" platform heels underneath the pants. The size is a perfect fit but I will definitely be getting it tailored going forward. I am very impressed with the wide legged silhouette and especially how it elongates any body frame. Not to mention the jumpsuit can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories and outerwear preference! Overall, a really great jumpsuit that I look forward to wearing it to events and gatherings. :-)

Photos by Sharon Litz

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  1. This jumpsuit looks so fabulous on you babe!!!

  2. Great post! I love about the jumpsuit like you said, it elongates the figure. you look gorgeous, pictures are amazing :))))

    xoxo, Gina

  3. that is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the wide legs and with heels it really elongates your body!


  4. Love the look Cece! That jumpsuit fits you perfectly!

    xoxo Justina | Just In A City
    A SF based fashion + food + travel blog | Instagram

  5. Great jumpsuit, I love them for what you said - they elongate you and make you look 10 feet tall! I love that this jumpsuit has pockets too! Major win. Great outfit babe! xoxo, Christine

  6. Cecilia, you pull of the jumpsuit SO well! It's a trend I have been nervous to try. PS this photo spot is seriously so cool.

  7. That jumpsuit is perfection! You look great girl!


  8. Oh babe, you're absolutely gorgeous wearing this (and basically everything else too) and white is totally your color! So fresh and clean!

  9. I adore this jumpsuit! Jumpsuits make everyone look so much taller and lean!

  10. YOU look stunning! Love the simplicty yet elegance of this look! xo
    Dani //

  11. This jumpsuit looks amazing on you, girlfriend!


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