Modlook x Bru Haus

07 August

Feeling incredible this week accomplishing an influencer event and getting the thumbs up from the CEO! Next couple of days will mark my first month of working in fashion PR. Even though I am no longer in tech, I feel as though having the client-facing experiences in consulting really helped me jumpstart my career in communications.

I am wearing a blue floral print two-piece set by Modlook 29. They are a modern lifestyle-retail boutique based in Los Angeles. I always enjoy working with local based collections simply because they usually fit the trend and the endless summer vibes in SoCal.

sweet chili crispy cauli | cauliflower tempurs | sweet gochujang sauce

balsamic brussels flatbread | mozza | pesto | charred brussels | kale | tomatoes | balsamic reduct

giant brat stuffed pretzel | stuffed w bratwurst | beer soaked onions | cheddar | nacho cheese

Along with shooting for Modlook, my photographer and I headed out to Brentwood to celebrate a fifth anniversary event at BruHaus! It is a California-Germanized beer pub with rustic-chic decors and amazing set of appetizers and burgers. Michelle and I decided to do a few creative "in-the-cafe" shots while we enjoy ourselves at the pub! We even got ourselves silly photobooth pictures before we headed out. Be sure to check out their delicious coffee stout, my personal favorite and also their signature Bru Mule.

Photos by Michelle Lock

As always,


  1. Love this two piece set! You look gorgeous.

    xo Azu

  2. Ahh congratulations!! And good luck with the start at the Fashion PR company! Xx Susanne -

  3. Love the outfit babe and that food looks delicious :p


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