Los Angeles

28 June

Welcoming July with a fulfilling weekend in LA! Finally my first shoot in this famous city-- I was so excited to meet with the talented Rudy to shoot some of the coolest and unforgettable murals in the Arts District! Having only been to LA twice before this shoot, I was not only nervous but anxious to explore the rest of the downtown areas. Thankfully, Instagram really brings out the kindest and most creative minds of all-- meeting both passionate photographers, Rudy and Camille, was such a lovely experience that I was once again inspired and reminded to do more and hustle harder for what I love. I know that this city is waiting for me. For the remainder of this year, I am going to do my best to learn and understand LA as much as I can and find out where I can really spread my wings. :-)

Rudy was so professional and easy to work with-- he was quick to spot the perfect angles and right backdrops for my outfits! We collaborated on four looks in total and we pushed them out fairly quickly and well. I will be releasing the other three looks on a weekly basis! ;-) Be sure to follow Rudy and check out his amazing work!

The focus of this shoot was definitely the mural-- this may be my favorite mural of all the ones I've seen in the Arts District! I have a thing about wolves... they are such majestic animals and the ones here especially remind me of my silly Nikki (My family's German Shepherd at home). :-P To change my posts from maxi dresses, I decided to do a casual summer look instead on my favorite halter crop top and a pair of slightly pink denim shorts. I have to say Topshop sell the best crop top quality I've seen and worn, beating American Apparel in my opinion! They are also way cheaper than expected so I would definitely grab them if you get the chance. ;-) Knowing how versatile they are to wear with any bottoms, I went and got a few in different colors.

Lastly, I just want to say that Rudy did a fantastic job bringing out the mood of this photo! His edits are very soulful and I am definitely feeling my inner LA girl and feeling extra sassy for sure! ;-)

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on more mural shoots in LA and keep up with me on my Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your weekend and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

My outfit:
Top: Topshop Ribbed Crop Top in Grey
Shorts: Forever 21 Distressed Denim Cutoffs in Pink
Booties: UrbanOG Lace Up Almond Toe Chunky Heel Booties

Photos: Rudy Widjaja

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