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01 April

Happy Wednesday! I met up with my talented friend Marcela at UW to catch the last glimpse of the cherry blossoms. Coming from Washington DC to the state of Washington, it is really nostalgic to see these beautiful trees again! I remember when I was younger, my parents would take us to see the grand cherry blossom festival in the city. Although the ones here did not last very long this year it seems, but we were still able to snap some pretty shots for Spring!
Flying out to LA tomorrow so I want to make sure you all have a chance to see this blog post! I am so ecstatic about going back to California again, especially the area where I've never been. :-) My friends and I planned this trip months ago and I can't wait to wear all my summer clothes this weekend. Feel free to keep up with me on my trip on Instagram!

*In the last post I mentioned that I am a huge fan of Love Culture's clothing and just a few hours after, I received a direct message from the brand asking to repost my photo to their Instagram! Please check your girl out here! It's an honor to have my favorite brand follow me and like what I post! :-) 

Nonetheless, this dress (you guessed it!) is also from Love Culture. I didn't own any plunge dresses until I found a variety of them on their site. The tight silhouette and the deep plunge at the front definitely make it super adorable yet sexy! Very date material if you ask me ;-) It sits between the "going-out" category and "formal." Either way, I am just obsessed. Be sure to check out Love Culture if you love what I posted so far! You can also find different colors and style to this dress on their site!

Most of you might've noticed by now that I wear a lot of pastel colors. I am very drawn to this color spectrum whenever I visit a clothing rack. While trying on different colors, I realized that my hair color directly impacts how I look and feel in the color I'm wearing, interestingly enough. With the brown-gold hair, only pinks and reds worked outside of the neutral black, white, and grey colors. I couldn't pull off my favorite mint green or pastel blues colors anymore. The hair made a very big contrast. So I actually decided to go back to dark and I am now a brunette again. :-)

*My leather jacket is now on sale on American Eagle! Please take a look and I guarantee you will love it ;-) Such an essential piece for any outfit!*

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on more dresses and Spring wear. Have a great weekend and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

My outfit:
Jacket: American Eagle Quilted Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
Dress: Love Culture Neon Coral Sweetheart Plunge Bodycon Dress
Heels: BCBGeneration (similar in Nordstrom Rack) High Heel Platform Sandal
Purse: Steve Madden (similar in Nordstrom Rack) Crochet Chain Purse in Coral

Photos: Marcela Garcia Pulido (see rest of the gallery!)

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  1. Have fun in LA, girl!

    Love this dress so much! Looks great on you!

    xx Jane



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