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25 March


Happy Spring and end of March! :-)

Last week I got to meet and shoot with my dear friend Fabio in San Francisco downtown! I went on a mini getaway from Seattle and flew down for a week in California (mostly in the Bay Area) to hang out with my sisters. After such a rough month in February, I needed some time to recollect myself and feel at home with my family around. Coming back this past Sunday was so bittersweet but I feel so much better being back in Seattle and ready to kick it off with more looks and updates!

Fabio and I had so much fun shooting in the city. We literally went everywhere! I got off at the Montgomery BART station and from there we walked all the way to Embarcadero. We spent about three hours shooting and Fabio showed me a lot of the very scenic public spaces in Mission! I would say though, I was very concerned about wearing these shorts because I know the city is usually very cold and windy, unlike the weather down in East Bay (where my sisters reside). I was lucky that day because it was mostly humid and a bit dry. :-) Fabio and I did so many test shots crossing the streets and while I tried to keep a straight face (since I like to giggle so much) it was very challenging for me. Being comfortable shooting in a public spot is my forte but shooting while crossing a busy street is definitely something I need to learn still! I really admire how bloggers achieve this effortless walk. Hope you guys like the photos still even when I am so awkward! :-P

Given the opportunity to be in SF downtown, I really wanted to showcase my sense of street style by accentuating my usual love for pinks and reds with black leather. My sister and I went shopping a couple times last week and just found such great deals on the shoes! These combat lace up booties were the last pair at an Aldo store in a mall down in East Bay (Milpitas?) I have been meaning to get new black booties (it is such a staple for any wardrobe and any season!), but I have completely worn out my black reptile skin booties (from Public Desire) :-( 

*My leather jacket is now on sale on American Eagle! Please take a look and I guarantee you will love it ;-) Such an essential piece for any outfit!*

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on a Spring semi-formal dress. Have a great weekend and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

My outfit:
Jacket: American Eagle Quilted Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
Sweater: HM Fine Knit Sweater
Booties: ALDO similar TRUSA lace up booties

Photos: Fabio

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  1. Your legs!!!! OMG!
    You look so chic! Love the chunky heels! And those lingts make pictures look absolutely stunning!
    xx Jane



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