Sweetflexx: Malibu Hues

November 11, 2016

Malibu, CA, USA
Feeling easy over these Malibu rocks, I spotted my next hideout in this secluded corner on the west side. One would agree that being in consistent city environment would get you tense and stressed up all the time. Every now and then I would like to visit the beaches or go hiking to enjoy a moment of serenity.

While feeling adventurous, I wanted to be super comfortable especially for an off-duty look by the beach. Thanks to the massive hype, I got into wearing sneakers from work to weekend. These classic low tops are my favorite shoes at the moment. Going for that laid-back trend, I love a cute pair of nude or white sneakers that can tone down any look.

You're probably wondering why I'm wearing basic leggings for the shoot! I wouldn't be if they weren't special. ;-) These leggings are made by Sweetflexx, an innovative brand that focuses on leggings that help you burn calories! They're backed by research studies in Yale and designed with resistance bands to strengthen you as you walk in them. When I first received them, the leggings were all scrunched up and funny-looking. As soon as I got my legs into them, I started feeling the stretch and slight workout. After a few days of "breaking them in," I wear them like any normal leggings. They feel comfortable like they're my second skin! I highly recommend giving them a shot if you're looking to really get some extra exercise in.

Photos by Michelle Lock

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