Vanity Fair: Pre-Emmy Panel

October 9, 2016

The innovative space at Platform by Culver City is where Vanity Fair held its annual Pre-Emmy event. The event was on September 17th and lasted about eight hours! Each hour had its own segment of interviews and panel Q&A. The bit that I enjoyed most was the Vanity Fair editors panel. Coming from a television fanatic myself, I had a great time learning from the editors' opinions and thoughts on the nominations.

One of the sponsors at the event was Shiseido, a beauty brand that was promoting for its new Rouge Rouge lipstick line! I had the pleasure of trying out the Ruby Copper color to match my simple white maxi. Be sure to check out their new collection for the latest shades of red below. :-)

I also wanted to give a shoutout to DIFF. DIFF is a charitable non-profit organization that provides free eyeglasses to African communities with no vision access or care. I wore these reflective tortoise DIME sunnies to the event and I absolutely loved what DIFF stands for. Being someone who wore glasses since eight years old, I would be a huge supporter for any eyewear brand that contributed their mission to giving back.

Photos by Sharon Litz

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