Easy Breezy

August 26, 2016

Happy Friday! I am beyond excited to share my newest jumpsuit look. This low-cut striped jumpsuit with front slits from Latiste is becoming my absolute favorite this summer. It's like wearing a pair of flair pants and maxi dress together!

The front slits on the pants come up slightly above my knees and it comes with a tie around the back for a cinched waist look. I am obsessed with casual chic for the summer and I simply love how easy it is to put together a jumpsuit look. I match the outfit with my Kakoubijoux mother of pearl necklace and statement rings from SOHO Style. I finish the look with my gladiator heels and braid my hair for that Katniss Everdeen/girl on fire style!

We found a beautiful roof top parking lot in Koreatown. I personally loved the lighting and wind that day. Maggie captured beautiful moments of the sunset as well as the motion as I strutted across the parking lot.

I will definitely be blogging more about jumpsuits for the next couple posts! It is a must-have for every fashion girl and I cannot wait to add more to my closet.

Photos by Maggie Chan

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