23 September

Debuting my latest look featuring streetwear brand HIBEKO and the famous Girls Tour backdrop. I was very excited about sharing this post since I also had a wonderful opportunity to work with NextRadio this summer!

NextRadio app allows smartphone users to experience FM radio on the go. I find the app not only convenient but also easy to use. What I love the most is, I never have to search blindly for a station to pop up when I can browse through local FM stations that I enjoy. Oh wait, did I mention that it's free to download? Unlike those times when you randomly stumble through stations in your car radio, you can actually save songs that you like and go back to listen to it later. How incredible is that? I can't name any free streaming companies that allow you to do that. However, the restriction is that it is available only through select FM-enabled Android devices. Sorry, iPhone users! Other than that, I had a great experience using the app honestly. I highly recommend downloading it and start listening to your favorite stations!

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Photos by Sharon Litz

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