22 December

Happy holidays! Just returned from An Hui this weekend and back to Fuzhou with my grandpa-- slept for another two days and want to share with you a photoshoot that I did a while back in November. This post focuses on my first review with Mink Pink and my first collaboration with my friend Anthony in San Diego!

This post focuses on this gorgeous 'Keep Booming' floral print dress by Mink Pink-- I love the way it flows and the material of the dress is very silky and comfortable to wear. At first I wasn't sure about the way it fits since it was very very loose but then I realized that the style of this dress was meant to be more boho-fit. I grabbed my favorite hat by Peter Grimm and paired the outfit with my fringe booties to make the perfect casual look! Anthony and I worked on three shoots that day and they were all done in a parking lot structure near downtown San Diego. It was extremely windy that day but thankfully we were able to snap some decent shots without my hat flying off! (Be sure to check out the widget down at the bottom to get my looks!!)

Stay tuned for my next photoset with Mink Pink and more shoots done in both San Diego and Seattle! Be sure to keep up with me on my daily updates on Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your week and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

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Photos: Anthony Baca

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