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13 September

Hi friends! So excited to share with you one of my favorite photoshoots with Sharon in Beverly Hills. The more I see in Los Angeles, the more I find interesting and clean spots to shoot. Quick life update: I am definitely looking into options of moving down here-- tough to say where exactly because LA has a variety of neighborhoods and it's hard to pin point where would be best for a girl like me to live! Especially with the weekly work assignment in San Diego, I would not be in LA as often as I would hope. I would still be away for half the week working in SD! Hm.. decisions, decisions!

Just right on the same street as Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills, this little quiet street of trees and metal fences made the best location for this look.

When I discovered this amazing drape front tunic dress from Topshop (at Nordstrom) , I just completely fell in love. Such a simple yet elegant design-- I am a huge fan of the drape and cowl designs around the neckline. The look and feel of the dress was both chic and comfortable-- truly the two best things you can have in a dress! It had the perfect layers of sheerness at the sleeves and a simple front fastening to keep the silhouette relaxed and draped.

Paired with my favorite sunnies and silver accessories, I finished the look with white shorts underneath and a pair of leather ankle booties. Due to the silhouette of the dress, I deemed it as most appropriate for a casual outing. You can also find this dress in different colors such as bright, red, light blue, dark grey, olive green, and so much more. If I had to choose another color, I would choose the light blue. Both very dark and very light colors will provide for the sheerness and drape design in the front. ;)

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on more shoots for the summer and keep up with me on my Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your week and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

My outfit:
Dress: Topshop Drape Front Tunic Dress in Black
Sunglasses: BP (Nordstrom) 54mm Round sunglasses
Jewelry: Love Culture Silver Layered Horn Necklaces
Booties: Forever 21 Buckled Cutout Faux Leather Booties in Taupe

Earrings: Rocksbox subscription: Use "cecexoxo" for 1 month free!

Photos: Isaiah Lelea

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