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24 May

Back to exploring streetstyle again, I find myself chasing the city lights of San Francisco. Back for the holiday weekend, I met up with my friend Daniel to shoot this amazing set. We went through the neighborhoods of Lands End and all the way up to the cliffs and the Mile Rock Beach. My favorite shot was most definitely the ones up at the mountain! Very surrealistic and captivating--always an inspiring day working with Daniel!

This dress is a variation of the dress on my recent blog post: Garden Story

I love the silhouette of the tulip style and decided to grab this black and pink version. The black blends in with any setting and is a  more versatile color, traditionally. Although floral patterns have been played out way too much this Spring, I would say that this pattern actually stands out from the usual you've seen on many junior clothing stores such as Forever 21 or PacSun.

Daniel and I hiked for a while to get to the top of the cliff but the outcome was very rewarding. I was taken away by the beautiful San Francisco city. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge afar along with the most open skies and waters, I knew this shoot was going to be a success! After shooting by the cliff, we hiked down to the Mile Rock Beach. Being a tourist here, I really wish I were more prepared and wore sneakers or shorts instead. We tried to shoot on one of the rocks at the beach and I ended up being completely soaked by the ocean water! Given that San Francisco was so cold at that time, I was in a desperate need of a big winter jacket. Rookie mistake on my part!

Otherwise, it was a very adventurous shoot and my eyes were hungry for more beautiful San Francisco scenery! 

Stay tuned for an upcoming post and keep up with me on my Instagram! Wish you all have a great rest of your week and hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! xoxo

My outfit:
Dress: Lush (Nordstrom) Tulip Hem Maxi Dress
Heels: BCBGeneration (similar in Nordstrom Rack) High Heel Platform Sandal

Photos: Daniel Fabia

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