Gossip Girl

01 March

Happy first day of March!

I had the pleasure to work with the very talented Lydia for this super fun and creative photoshoot in downtown Seattle! Inspired by these platform loafers, I felt very nostalgic to recreate my own interpretation of a Gossip Girl attire. 

I could never get enough of both Blair and Serena's wardrobes so I had the idea of mixing both of their styles together, in my own way of course! Blair represents a very "queen bee" personality whereas Serena is more of a soft-hearted princess. I combined both of their style into one concept: modern school girl flare! My loafers are high up and very polished, reminding of Blair's very disciplined attitude and the lovely shape of the lace top reminds me of Serena's delicate but fun persona. 

FYI the winner for me in this outfit was the flowy silhouette top that I am obsessed with! Aside from the loafers, this beautifully constructed lace blouse is by far one of my most beloved items. I was never a fan of tight fitted clothes for both school (uniform days) and work (business casual attire) so I always try to go for loose and flowy tops that allow me to stretch out all day. :-) Especially for the way this top is shaped, the distance from the top of the shoulder to the bust is designed to be fitted enough for the style to still look chic as it flares out dramatically under.

Fashion design updates!
I started taking my very first fashion design class at the beginning of February this year. I will be making a bralette this week and I am just getting done with a pencil skirt that I worked on for the past couple weeks! This weekend was very productive. I went over to Pacific Fabrics and bought foldover elastics and two different fabrics (mesh and lace) for the bralette and also a polyester lining fabric and an invisible zipper for the skirt. I am almost finished with constructing my skirt but since it was cotton material, I am a bit worried that it won't fit too well all around my legs! Hopefully after the lining and the waistband are made, I can see how it fits and how to tailor it if it doesn't. I am giving a lot of thoughts about what type of designer I want to be and what designs I want to specialize in. Exploring new textile and new ideas are very eye-opening and I can't wait to see how my work will turn out! Wish me luck. :-)

My outfit:
Blouse: Anthropologie Vasanti Peasant Top
Skirt: H&M A-line Flare Skirt
Shoes: Forever 21 Faux Leather Platform Creepers
Accessories: Rocksbox *enter promo code "cecexoxo" for 1 month free subscription!*

Photos: Lydia Yekalam

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