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13 February

Happy Valentine's Day!

I picked up this super appropriate red lace dress for the purpose of this holiday. ;-) Reds and pinks are the first colors that come to mind when I think of V-Day. For this photoshoot I wanted the appeal to be very modern. With the combination of bokeh city lights, rooftop setting, and proper railing (for me to hold on to!), it was possible to create this very atheistically romantic. 

I feel as though the more photoshoots I do, the more I can picture myself and how I look from the photographer's point of view. At the beginning of this journey, I knew nothing about posing and absolutely zero clue about my angles! After a year and a half of my journey, I discovered my own style to be more relaxed and candid when it comes to modeling. To be honest, just several months ago I still felt very awkward shooting in public spots; but I learned that your body reacts to your emotions so visibly, whatever feels you have, it will show all over the photographs! So no more feeling awkward, and more feeling cool and collected. ;-)

If you'd like to see the rest of this photoshoot, please visit here!

My outfit:
Dress: Kimchi Blue Scallop Lace Bodycon Dress

Photos: Michelle Dorman

As always,


  1. You're gorgeous! The dress really suits you <3


  2. Love this look, especially the red dress. it looks amazing on you. Happy valentines! xoxo Mino

  3. Cece ! Gosh...I'm in love with these photos ! You are STUNNING, babe ! Your dress is so perfect and gorgeous. Perfect look !

  4. You look amazing Cece! This Kimchi Blue dress is stunning and you wear it so well! Red is a great color on you it truly brings out your inner shine dear! Oh and where was this shot? I think you mentioned you're from Seattle; that was where I lived before moving to Chicago. I miss it dearly, there's always something so romantic about the city and the shoot with the bokeh really brought it to life. Have a great rest of your week dear! :) xo~ Lena


  5. That is one super sexy dress! You look amazing in it! I love the style of your photos too, lovely bokeh effect!
    Those flowers are so pretty as well. The whole set up is just perfect!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel


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